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A book idea has formed in the back of your mind, yearning to come to life. However, not a single word has been written. With Woodbridge, you don't have to worry about your wonderful idea never seeing the light of day.

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When writing a book, it's easy to get caught up in what seems to be an endless array of genres that sometimes seem to box you in. Do you prefer sci-fi or fantasy? (But wait, are they the same thing?) What are the key differences between a thriller and a mystery? Is Memoir and a biography same? Are all Non-fiction books business related? How many types of children books are there? Oh, and what does "literary fiction" even mean? Contact us to learn more.

Writing Coach

A writing coach helps authors stay organised, brainstorm ideas, and get their books published by guiding them through the book writing process. Working with a book coach may help make daunting portions of the publication process simpler and more accessible.

Streamlined Process

The process of ghostwriting a book typically involves deep engagement by the named author through deep-end interview sessions. While, yes, the ghostwriter sits down and “does the work” of putting words on the page, the process requires a high level of intellectual involvement from both parties. When we ghostwrite a book, we strive to embody the client's voice. We pore over hundreds of pages of interview transcripts, looking for patterns. We piece together ideas.

It’s an investment

You're hardly likely to be pleased to learn that ghostwriting isn't cheap. The return, on the other hand, is typically many times the investment. While most clients will not recoup their investment in book sales, publishing a (excellent) book will frequently lead to a significant increase in clients, greater speaking engagements, and even totally new business prospects.

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How long have I been saying I’m going to write a book? If the answer is a year or longer, you might want to consider hiring a writer today. Most of our clients have been putting off their book for more than a decade, thinking they’ll find time “next year.”