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A good overarching plot is required when writing a memoir based on your personal experience. However, Woodbridge's writers will create an impression on the reader from the first page, crafting an unusually effective narrative.

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A memoir should also approach a story with the human element in mind and evoke emotion in the reader. We write your pages from the heart and use language that will resonate with people on an emotional level. While an autobiography captures your whole life story. Memoirs have a more narrow scope, centered around a time period or theme from the writer’s life.

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Fiction writers need to think like editors and publishers. In other words, approach your story with a marketing sensibility as well as a creative one to sell your book. There are also many sub-categories you can choose from:

Tips and Tricks


Understand Story Structure

Writers are well-versed in the framework most stories follow, from exposition and rising action through to the climaxand falling action.


Strong Character Arc

Your main characters should have a backstory that informs their actions, motivations, and goals.


Build Important Events

Identify what will be your starting point, your inciting incident, your rising action, your turning points, your climax ,your falling action, and your final resolution.


Pay attention to loose ends

As you write, you need to make sure you aren’t leaving a trail of dangling narrative threads.

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