Answer the short questionnaire below so we have the details needed to help you on your call

1 - Where are you in your book process?
2 - What is your main motivation for writing a book?
3 - What is your idea for a book topic?

If you don't have one yet, just write "N/A" or jots some ideas or notes, and Eric will chat with you on your call. We'll keep your idea confidential.

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4 - What groups or types of people do you hope to reach through your book?

Business executives, marketing professionals, physicians, software developers, vegans, aspiring corporate executives, space enthusiasts, travelers, teachers, therapists, etc.

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5 - Great books often explore the intersection between two or more things. What intersection(s) would be the most valuable or interesting to explore in your book?

ie., pick two of your skills, insights, interests, hobbies, activities, subjects, etc., and think what would be fun or unique to combine and explore. Examples could be: Innovation + Community; Creativity + Travel; Fitness + Mindfulness; Marketing + College Students; Drones + Fishing; Technology + Africa; Long Distance Running + Longevity; Female Empowerment + Early Education; Bitcoin/Crypto + Agriculture (List as many as you want)

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6 - What is your name?
7 - What email would you like us to send the confirmation to?