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Promote your Book: How to Do it

Promote your Book

When it comes to writing a book, we aren’t as focused on the aftermath of the publishing, which often leads to us neglecting what comes next: marketing. When you write a book, you don’t just write a book. You have to start considering what comes with a published book, that being, a book launch, a marketing strategy, an outreach to readers to generate interest, and maybe even a book tour. These are important elements that go into publishing a book, and it is integral to keep them in mind after you finish wrapping up your final editing and book cover designs.


However, finding a marketing strategy that suits you and the theme and tone of your book can often be daunting. As a writer, you may not know or be familiar with the advertising trends that are popular in media and society, so it would be difficult to navigate the world of book marketing. This is not something to get worried about, because as marketing evolves, it gets constantly easier to find a strategy to get the word out about your brand, business, service, or product.


Promoting your work in this age of media is surprisingly easy to do and does not take very long. Even just having a basic and easy marketing strategy can help in spreading word about your book and getting people interested in knowing more. At the end of the day, it would always be beneficial to hire an expert to work with you and expand more than you can do on your own, but on a basic level, you can easily find ways to create a name for yourself by looking at different aspects of a great marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips that everyone can refer to that would help in creating a great marketing strategy.

07 Awesome Book Marketing Strategy That Everyone Should Know

  1. Outreach Your Audience

This is one of the most popular forms of getting the word out about your brand, product, business, or service in today’s age. When it comes to promoting whatever you need to be promoted, we are often at a loss of how to get the word out. We find ourselves wishing to be like bigger brands that have so many famous celebrities talking about them and putting out the word and sending a call to action.


However, that is exactly what you need to do, too. You need to find people who are influential enough to spread the word to your target audience. Firstly, you need to identify who you are looking to target with your book. Once you have identified that, you can move on to the next part, which is finding those in this market who have a higher reach than others. This can be through social media platforms, connections, or just having some form of influence over your target audience.


Most of the time, it is those with high follower counts on social media platforms that contain this influence. Reaching out to these influencers and enlisting their help in promoting your book can be a great way to market your work. This can even mean sending a PR package and writing a friendly note, or trying to network with those in positions to help you. This is a fairly easy and popular tactic used for marketing.

  1. Use Social Media

Using social media to build your marketing strategy is perhaps one of the most essential points to remember. Social media has risen to the point that it is one of the key ways that a campaign or strategy is developed. Social media is an excellent resource to promote anything, and fairly simple to use. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy can benefit you immensely and you should consider which platforms suit you best.

  1. Create Email List

Email lists are one of the ways that most brands, businesses, and services send out messages to their audiences. It is a convenient way to keep your audiences informed about any promotions you may be offering or any new products that are for sale or being launched. You can create an email list in several different ways. You can connect with other readers through online forums, ask users who follow you on social media to sign up for email updates, or even collaborate with bigger brands in order to send out emails through their platform about your book, but this would usually mean offering something to the brand in return.

  1. Build Your Website

Create a website with information on your book, dates of when it launches, and any other information your readers would need. This can help in getting the word out, as well as showing more about you and your book through a proper website.

  1. Sell Your Book On Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to sell your book as well as market it. Amazon lets users sell their books in an efficient, easy, and safe way, where you do not need to worry about any extra hassle. It is also a great place for readers to find your book as Amazon helps readers find new books to enjoy and read.

  1. Connect with a Local Bookstore

Selling your book at a bookstore or even hosting a book launch event can be tremendously beneficial for marketing your book. You can meet potential readers face to face and you can talk about your book to the audience in person. It can also feel good having a book to showcase in real life, so connecting with a local bookstore can help market your book too. Sometimes, bookstores show the new releases right in front, making it the first thing readers see as they enter the store. It can help market your book and get word out about it.

  1. Hire an Expert

Ultimately, if you want bigger sales, hiring an expert may be your best bet. There are a lot of Book Marketing Services where you can find experts who know how to professionally and efficiently market books in a way that guarantees sales. You may be able to reach out to more audiences in this way and find readers who you normally wouldn’t find if you were to market on your own. Consider meeting with an expert and learn more about this if you are thinking about marketing your book.


With these seven tips, you can create an effective marketing strategy with your book in no time. Marketing has become relatively easy to do in this day and age, and you can reach wider audiences without any hassle. At the end of the day, you can decide what works best for you and what doesn’t, and if you opt to go for professional help, just know that it will only benefit you more later!

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